Blandine Castarède

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Brand and Communications Director, Nexity

Blandine Castarède, Director of Communications and Brand strategy, joined Nexity in May, 2011.

She started her career in 1989 at Carré Noir. There she specialized in brand communication and was in charge of corporate issues. She went on to work for Publicis Consultants in 2001. In 2009, she became Secretary-General of the political, economical and societal think tank « Génération France ».

Under the lead of Blandine Castarède, the Direction of Communications and Brand Strategy manages the whole institutional communication as well as public speaking in the name of Nexity, since the launch of the single brand in 2012. Under her guidance, Nexity endowed itself with an innovating communication ecosystem that includes elements such as press relations, brand advertising, social media and physical contact points. This ecosystem works on the reputation of the brand as well as its development in new media, in order to grow a client and business-oriented approach.

The Direction of Communications and Brand Strategy orchestrates the whole coordination between communication interactions and guarantees the relevance of all the public speeches according to the brand strategy, as well as the reputation management of the brand.

10 Oct. 2018
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