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General Director – SRI France (Syndicat des Régies Internet)

Holding a MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, Hélène Chartier has more than 20 years experience in marketing products in entertainment, at Micromania where she started her career in 1988, then for Nintendo and Bandai (1991-1998). She was subsequently Head of Marketing Group for the Home Video division of Warner Bros., (1999-2009).

In 2010, she took a university degree at Léonard de Vinci and obtained an MBA “Internet for Commerce and Marketing” while simultaneously conducting project management missions on digital issues.

Immersed in the digital advertising ecosystem, she was Managing Director of IAB France (2011-2012).

Since February 2013, she is General Manager of the SRI (Syndicat des Régies Internet).

10 Oct. 2018
12 Biarritz