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June 13th - 11.00 am

Keynote: Andrew Davis, Content visionnaire

Insights 2 Impact, how amazingly effective marketers leverage basic data to make a massive impact?


Insights 2 Impact (data-driven marketing)

How amazingly effective marketers leverage basic data to make a massive impact.

In today's market we can measure, track, and record almost everything. We have access to customer and client information like never before. We're swimming in data. Here's the problem: data is a liability and information is a commodity. What separates you from every other business on the planet is the insights you leverage. Insight is an asset.

In this hour-long keynote address, former agency executive Andrew Davis will show you how brilliant brands have turned simple data into amazing insights. He'll show you how consumer brands have leveraged simple data points to transform their sales. You'll learn how B2B companies are using the data they don't own to inform their email marketing strategies. You'll even learn how one brand turned their unsubscribe link into their most valuable competitive insight.

You'll walk away with the three simple secrets to driving demand by asking the right questions. You'll leave reinvigorated and ready to start looking for the correct insight instead of swimming in a sea of information.

8 oct.2019
10 Biarritz