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June 14th - 12.15 pm

Shape my reality ! Augmented and virtual reality at brands' service

Augmented reality appears thunderously in consumers’ life during the 2016 summer with Pokémon Go. If the game itself has run out of steam, the facts that users appropriate the technology so quickly, and their staggering number, are the symptoms of a key trend for brands: augmented reality can generate business.

As for virtual reality, it keeps developing thanks to the devices’ "democratization" that makes these technologies more and more affordable, cheaper to produce for advertisers, and from we can already perceive a potential business model.

What value can brands create from these technologies? Where virtual reality plays the immersive experience, augmented reality plays the participatory one; finally do we have to choose?

Moderated by Emmanuel Charonnat, Editor-in-chief, CB Expert L'Hebdo


David Bernard-Bret - Marketing Strategy Director, Eurosport,

Morgan Bouchet - Director Digital Content & Innovation - Head of Virtual Reality, Orange  - Content Division

Céline Bouvier - Marketing Director, Coca-Cola

Blandine Castarède - Communications and Brand Director, Nexity

Mélanie Hentges - Marketing and Brand Director, Darty

8 oct.2019
10 Biarritz