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#Business Keynote : DAISUKE OTOBE | Chief Adviser Marketing Strategy | SANRIO (Hello Kitty)

Creativity, this "Golden Ticket" of business and notoriety forgotten too often...

The creative process seems to become the essence of business within marketing strategies: without creativity, how can a brand expect to be differentiating and create brand awareness?

With Daisuke Otobe, among others, this plenary will tell the story of Sanrio, the Japanese company that designs, licenses and produces a series of products inspired by Japanese popular culture. Especially the character of Hello Kitty, which is sold worldwide. From the first copyright in 1976, to the catalog of 22,000 derivatives today, to his appointment as ambassador for UNICEF in 1983, how a society stands out and creates a reputation through creative processes systematically renewed ...
How emotion can move brands ?

Business has everything to do with creativity ...

8 oct.2019
10 Biarritz