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#influence Roundtable: Brandvocacy & Kpi

Roundtable advertisers with Quiksilver, Béaba, Groupon and Bic

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more important in advertiser strategies. Relying on influencers to build brand awareness and engage customers is a top priority today.
If the choice of macro-influencers, celebrities or personalities recognized to represent its brand seems simple, it is especially the strategy to develop to rely on the micro-influencers which today raises debate. And it is all the more important that the authentic image returned by them responds to the search for meaning and value of consumers. What are the good uses? the right tools? the right strategies?


- Alexandre Malsch, Global Digital Brand Manager - Quiksilver & Roxy

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- Sylvain Caubel, Director of Communication, Digital and Crm | BEABA

- Nathalie Hoffherr, Head of Digital Marketing | BIC

- Paul Choppin of Janvry, Head of Digital Marketing - Groupon

- Emmanuel Charonnat, - CB Expert

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8 oct.2019
10 Biarritz