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The topics of One to One Biarritz? Those who makes them that speak the best of it: here are some testimonials of the editorial board members!

"This board allows to discuss current digital topics but especially to talk about the right topics with the right format to capture maximum attention.
We had a real transversal collaboration with different profiles and different companies which allows to cover the needs of all participants of the show.
Some issues often came back and have been taken into account for the writing of the subject."
Carole GINDA

"A great deal of openness and understanding with the desire to dig the digital topics of the moment while avoiding buzz topics and déjà vu.
A good mix between very concrete topics and more forward-looking topics.
A great diversity of stakeholders and sectors of activity of committee members that cover a large number of digital issues.
Business topics such as influence marketing and KPIs, which occupy a prominent place in the digital business, and more tech topics such as AI or augmented reality.
And always the brand content ... the key success factor to emerge, differentiate and ultimately convert."
Nathalie Hoffherr

"A really interesting meeting with a fairly wide panel of marketing managers: large conso, market more niches, pure players, b2b, international or local companies ... Topics stand out clearly, others are more debated, in any case we hope that these constructive exchanges will allow all visitors of the show to find answers to the questions that interest them or which concern them more particularly."

8 / 10 oct. 2019 Biarritz